Seriously – What Is the Guy in the Mexicana Ad Doing?

I’ve been seeing these ads on taxis in New York for a little while now, and every time I pass one I think the same thing:  What the hell is going on with the guy in the picture?  If the airline were called Fellatiana it might make sense (note to self:  start airline called Fellatiana).

If you have any thoughts on what could possibly be going on here, I’d love to hear it.

(Thanks to NeoAvalon blog for the image)


  1. Get your mind out of the gutter, Jared. It’s obvious he’s peeing.

  2. Totally my bad – how did I not know that he was urinating on Mexico. I change my suggestion to Urinited Airlines.

  3. are all men really that happy and relaxed when they pee?

  4. It brings up two points, Jen:

    1) It depends who they’re peeing with.
    2) I don’t think he’s peeing.