FBI Detains Passenger After He Strips Naked on US Airways Flight (Bad Naked, Not Good Naked)

The FBI detained a passenger after he caused a US Airways flight from Charlotte to Los Angeles to be diverted to Albuquerque.  Why was the flight diverted?  Because the man decided to strip naked, sit in his seat, and refused to put his clothes back on.  (I can’t imagine why you’d want to see it, but photo is here.)  Oddly enough, while this was going another passenger had a medical emergency, which took the attention away from the nude passenger.  An off-duty police officer on board (along with another passenger) helped to restrain naked guy (a thankless job when you think about how that went down).

I hope your travels over the holiday weekend go more smoothly.

(Thanks, Julie, for the heads up.  I think.)


  1. Oh, lighten up, Jared. There are worse things than a non-aggressive naked man on a flight (BTW, you probably have read by now that his family says he’s bipolar and was “off his meds”). These include:
    1. A terrorist
    2. A drunken, loud, threatening idiot
    3. The young man I sat next to all the way back from London a few years back who vomited repeatedly into his airsickness bag, including as I tried to eat my meal.
    Happy Fourth weekend!

  2. I’d love to hear the interphone communications from cabin to cockpit. “Ummm… We have a little problem…”
    You know, that medical emergency was, perhaps, extremely beneficial in keeping the crew professional in an otherwise hysterical situation.