71 Passengers Refuse to Fly After Airline Asks Them to Move Seats to Balance Weight

Must be a full moon or something:  71 British travelers flying back to Newcastle from Mallorca refused to board a Thomas Cook flight after crew asked them to move seats to help balance the aircraft weight.  A cargo door was broken, causing the airline to load all cargo into the front hold of the plane.  To help balance the weight, passengers were asked to move toward the rear of the plane (a standard measure, and something you may have had to do on a smaller plane).

There was some sort of passenger freakout (which is different than a Whopper Freakout) and 71 people refused to fly, fearing for their safety.  This is, obviously, ridiculous on so many levels, no least of which is that the pilot would certainly not risk his life to fly a bunch of sunburned tourists back to Newcastle.

The plane departed without the 71, and landed without incident.  Of course.

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