Woman Arrested Trying to Sneak Twins on to Continental Flight with One Ticket

As a father of twins, I feel this woman’s pain:  A woman was arrested in Miami after trying to board her return trip to Portland, Oregon, on Continental, after she only purchased 1 ticket for her 3-year-old twin girls.  To get through security she printed a duplicate boarding pass (though this is not how she was caught).  When she got to the gate and tried to board the plane, the eagle-eyed gate agent figured out what was happening and had her arrested (?!) for third-degree grand theft.

Now, I’m as cheap as the next guy, and I agree that trying to sneak on your 3-year-old as a 2-year-old lap child is pretty weak, but arrested?  Really?  From an airline that used to charge me $1,200 for a roundtrip ticket from New York to Cleveland?  Wasn’t that theft? (har)

Let this serve as a warning the next time you try to sneak your 2 year and 1 month old kid on a plane.  Continental knows where you live…

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