A $50 iTunes Gift Certificate Is Yours If You Can Get Me the JetAmerica Business Plan

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the giant pile of nonsense that is JetAmerica.  It’s become my own personal Rock of Love – such a complete trainwreck that I can’t look away.  Now my incomprehensible obsession can be your ticket to riches (or to a $50 iTunes gift certificate):  If you can get me an actual JetAmerica investor presentation, $50 worth of iTunes music is yours.  Don’t send me a blank PowerPoint presentation claiming that’s what investors must have been shown to have put any money in an airline primarily serving Toledo to South Bend.

So, if you can get your hands on the deck that was used to try and explain JetAmerica to investors during the biggest financial downturn in 70 years, you will be rewarded.  Send to jared (at) onlinetravelreview.com.  I won’t publish your name unless you want me to…


  1. Can i get mine in hamburger mean instead?

  2. $18 in iTunes, $32 in hamburger meat.