EasyJet to Little Girl: You Have to Check Your Teddy Bear

An EasyJet gate agent told a 6-year old girl traveling from Glasgow to Stansted that she would have to gate check her new teddy bear because the airline considered it to be excess baggage.  Then they told her mother she would have to pay 9 Pounds to check it.

The little girl had wrapped the teddy bear in plastic to keep it dry during a rainstorm.  Because it was wrapped up, the airline said it was luggage, not a carry-on.  After a heated discussion, the girl’s mother decided to mail the bear home because her daughter said she didn’t like the idea of the bear traveling alone in the baggage hold.

Of course this is all insane, and a day after the whole incident was reported EasyJet offered to reimburse the family for the postage and added that the gate agent should have used common sense and allowed the bear on the plane (and instead should have made the mother check her daughter).  OK, that last part isn’t true.


  1. Ah… I missed you, Jared.

  2. Once the airlines started mistreating teddy bears and little girls, it was time for me to come back.