Two Arrested after Mid-Air Sex Act Leads to Argument, Sex

Catching up on what we missed while I was out…

Model Sarah Hannon was arrested for being drunk on an aircraft following a Kingfisher Airlines flight from Bangalore to London back in April.  

There was something else about this story…what was it?  Hm.  I can’t rememb–oh right.  She was drinking with her boyfriend before the flight.  The couple sat next to a third woman, Clare Irby.  During the flight Hannon fell asleep, and during that time the boyfriend had some sort of sexual daliance with Ms. Irby.  While sitting next to his girlfriend.  Classy.

A flight attendant put a stop to whatever the hell they were doing and in the process, woke up Hannon.  Upon noticing what was happening between her boyfriend and the other woman she went, as we say here at OTR headquarters, apeshit.  

The boyfriend and Irby were arrested for gross indecency.

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