The OTR Is Back and In the General Vicinity of Being as Good As Ever

Yes, I’m back after a slightly more brief hiatus than I had predicted.  I’ll have new stories tomorrow…

One bit of housekeeping:  I’m going to post one story a day from now on.  If you’re reading on the website (versus on a reader or via email), that’ll be in the top section labeled Top News.  If you hate the current design and prefer the more typical bloggy, chronological list of stories, you can get that at 

See you tomorrow…it’s great to be back.


  1. Welcome Back Jared! As a faithful reader (I actually vist your website every day… no RSS feed for me!) I am glad your will be posting again. I am sure blogging is difficult and time consuming, esecially given everthing else in your life. I want to thank you for comming back. I really enjoy your writing.