The OTR Takes a 1 Month Hiatus: It’s Not You It’s Me

After 5 1/2 years of writing this site nearly every day, I’ve decided I need a short break – just until June 1st. Or maybe a bit earlier.  Or a bit later.  But roughly then.  I think most people read this site through a feed, so you’ll find out when I’m back that way.  Or just keep checking the site every day until then.  Hitting refresh over and over.

I will still keep up the Twitter account at and I’ll continue to post airfare deals there (as well as an occasional story or two that I find interesting).

Thanks for your understanding and for sticking with the OTR since 2003.  I’ll see you in June.


  1. Say it ain’t so – what will I read with my coffee now?


  2. Jared, enjoy your break, I’ll certainly miss your insights!

  3. A economic Tsunami, combined with a Pandemic equals pure pandemonium for the airline industry. Come now Jared, there will be plenty of opportunities to take a hiatus, but right now in the middle of a perfect commercial aviation storm??? Come back!