Don’t Eat Honduran Food Before That Flight from San Pedro Sula

A passenger who took a Delta flight from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to Atlanta faces felony charges after he grabbed a flight attendant on his way to use the bathroom.  A bit more:  He told the flight attendant about 30 minutes into the flight that he really had to use the bathroom because he had some Honduran food that upset his stomach.  

The flight attendant told him that the aisle was blocked by the beverage cart (why doesn’t everyone use the JetBlue tray method of passing out drinks?) and asked him to wait.  He asked to use the business class lav and was refused.

A bit of time went by and he had to go.  He couldn’t get past the cart, so he headed for the front cabin.  A fight attendant put up her arm to block the man from using the business class class toilet, and he grabbed her arm and pushed her to the side so he could go.

I’m not sure what the key takeaway is…what’s the guy supposed to do?

(Thanks, Doug, for the link…)

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