Nigeria Denies Delta’s Request to Fly to Abuja…Because It Doesn’t Like 767

An odd one…Nigeria’s government has denied Delta’s request to fly Atlanta – Abjua because Aviation Ministry officials do not like the aging 767 aircraft the carrier uses to fly Atlanta – Lagos.  Nigeria’s government has been complaining recently that Western carriers are flying older airplanes to the country.  Delta, wisely, denied the request to update the aircraft, as well as a request to help the niece of the late Ogatumbe Obango to help get $34,650,000 (thirty four million, six hundred and fifty thousand) US dollars out of the Bank of Lagos and back to the United States.  Delta was not swayed by her request, send with most urgency by e-mail, to wire a check for the amount of $32,000 (thirty-two thousand dollars) to help get the money out of the country.

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