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Is Ryanair Really Thinking of Charging 1 Pound to Use the Toilet?

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary is drawing attention (again) for suggesting that the airline is considering charging 1 pound for passengers to go to the bathroom.  Reuters quotes the executive as saying that the airline has looked into this before (they would add a slot on the bathroom door), and they’re re-considering the move again.

Feel free to drink all the $3 water you want — This isn’t going to happen.  Every so often, Ryanair makes a crazy suggestion (they’ll fly to Niagara Falls, for example) that generates some publicity and is never heard from again.  This is one idea they’ll flush away before implementing (sorry – I was trying to think of a cheesy local news – type ending for this…)

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  1. But they get every blogger in the universe to talk about it.

  2. By the way, am I the only one who fails to understand how this will work in practice? On many flights there is a line of pax waiting to access the lavatories. If I am exiting the lav, do you think that I am going to slam the door shut so Mr. O’Leary can make an extra pound of the fellow waiting outside? Very unlikely.