Spirit Pilots: We Hate the Alcohol Ads and the the Dirty Fare Sales

Spirit’s pilots put out a press release complaining about Spirit’s decision to put alcohol advertising on flight attendants’ aprons.  Says the release, “To ask safety professionals to advertise alcohol on a plane is not only offensive but degrading…”

But the really funny part of the release is where they complain about Spirit’s rather, um, ribald names for their fare sales:

“Spirit Airlines has become known for its odious advertisements, including the infamous MILF: Many Islands, Low Fares campaign. The “MILF” campaign was originally introduced in 2007 and was publicly ridiculed for its vulgar reference. The company claimed that it was unaware that MILF could be an off-color term for an attractive mother. Despite this backlash, or perhaps because of the media storm it created, Spirit Airlines brought back the campaign earlier this month. Other campaigns have been just as distasteful, such as the “We’re having a threesome” or the “We’re proud of our DDs” e-mails.”

What I love about that is that they spent an entire paragraph spelling out what they found offensive.  I was actually wondering if Spirit had put this release out themselves (perhaps to promote the

Airfares to

sale they have going on now).  It’s all very odd.

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