The Middle of the Beginning of the End for Openskies: No Further Expansion

Openskies, the British Airways carrier now flying between Paris, Amsterdam and New York, is heading toward the same sad ending that faced 3 other all-premium carriers in the past year.  The Financial Times is reporting that BA is selling the 757s that it had planned to use for Openskies’ expansion across Europe.  It has signed a letter of intent to sell 11 of its 15 757s (the others are currently with Openskies).  The article suggests that the carrier hasn’t been hitting revenue targets (not a shock considering they are selling seats for $1000 round trip, including taxes, which is nowhere close to where they need to be).

It’s a shame because, like Eos, Silverjet, and MAXjet, they all have a solid, value-rich product.  The summer period is rough for business-focused airlines like these, so I can’t imagine BA will let it ride out through the summer.  It’s now just a matter of time before they close down the existing operation.  Quite sad.


  1. So this would mean that all BA 757s are on the way out, yes?

  2. Well I mean….all the ones currently in mainline service.

  3. Yes. It seems they’ve all been sold. But to follow the “Conservation of 757s” theory, AA announced it will be shifting 18 757s from domestic service to fly trans-Atlantic from JFK.