Yes, Spirit Tried to Charge a Change Fee for US Airways 1549 Passengers Who Didn’t Reach Myrtle Beach

Spirit Airlines, which I have defended here repeatedly, got another PR beatdown when it was reported that they initially tried to charge two passengers who were originally on Spirit but bumped to the crashed US Airways 1549 flight a $90 change fee since they did not use the return portion of their ticket back home from Myrtle Beach.  Spirit has since said they will not charge the passengers.

Clearly some poor ignorant fool in a far-flung call center took the call initially and told the passengers that they could not waive the fee.  And clearly once corporate (which is not exactly known for their kindness) heard about it, they did what anyone with half a brain would do and dismissed the fee.

Don’t hold it against Spirit (if they were charging more than $18 for a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cancun perhaps you could complain.  But they don’t.)

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