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Aeromexico Passengers Spend 16 Hours Waiting to Get Back to Seattle

A bit of misery for passengers on an Aeromexico flight from Mexico City to Seattle:  the flight was forced to land in Portland, Oregon, because of thick fog in Seattle.  The aircraft waited on the ground for 4 hours while airport officials determined they could not let anyone off because they did not have sufficient customs officers to handle the large aircraft.  After passengers became visibly upset, police were sent on board to calm them down; then hamburgers were sent on board to really calm them down.

After the customs issue went unresolved, they flew all the way back to Mexico City.  Upon landing, they waited 10 hours in the terminal before the flight could take off again.  Sounds like a party.

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  1. What kind of “large aircraft” does Aeromexico fly on that route? Bigger than the A340 that LH flies into Portland from Frankfurt? Pathetic DHS performance!