Zambian Airways Shuts Down

In case you had any flights in Zambia coming up, you may want to re-book:  Zambian Airways has suspended operations due to “high fuel costs.” (huh?)  Perhaps I’m crazy, but I seem to remember the airline flying to JFK in the 1990s (anyone remember?)


  1. Nah, this wasn’t them. That was Zambia Airways which went bust in the mid 1990s. These guys flew mostly props but they did get a 737-200 or two for the flights to Jo’burg.

  2. Thanks for that…I wasn’t sure if they were related.

  3. Zambian Airways indeed has gone bust, funny that when the Jet Fuel was at its peak, they kept flying, the Governernment of Zambia announced a reduction of gas twice, but they still flew. The reasons for their shut iof operations is more than high fuel prices. Some high level persons in the government did worn the shaeholders that following the elections they will be dealt with. WHAT? we all wondered what ot was for, but i guess it could be for some non-business matters.

    thinking aloud!