United to Offer Wi-Fi on p.s. Service from New York to California

In the second half of 2009, United will introduce wi-fi service on its p.s. transcon flights. The service, available on 13 United aircraft, will cost $12.95. In all classes. Yes, if you are paying $4,000 to fly in the p.s. first class cabin you will be ponying up the 13 bucks as well. You can charge it through, don’t worry.


  1. Yes, it sounds insane, but on the other hand, the same illogic applies in the hotel industry. Indeed, it can be even worse. I can check into a budget brand of Marriott or Hilton (like Fairfield Inn) and get my internet for free. But if I pay the big bucks for a JW Marriott, I have to pay the $13 or $15 extra.

    At least UA realizes they can’t make internet free in coach and charge in first class!

  2. Yeah – the wi-fi hotel situation is ridiculous (considering I’ve seen free wi-fi in $50 rooms, but expensive hotels will charge you $15 for wi-fi alone). Your idea to charge in first and give it away in coach is brilliant – I’ll be forwarding that to US Airways.