FlyBe Pilot Won’t (Can’t?) Land in Fog, Turns Plane Around

A pilot for Britain’s FlyBe refused to land at Charles de Gaulle on Tuesday because of heavy fog at the airport, and chose to return the Q400 aircraft to Cardiff.  The pilot, a 30-year veteran, had not yet completed low-visibility training on that type of plane, and felt that the smart decision would be to turn the plane around and land safely in Wales.  While the pilot seems to be mocked on some of the sites I’ve read, it was a smart decision.


  1. I fly (as a passenger) RJs and Q400s often and I’m always afraid of the “mostly young” pilots feeling the pressure of landing the plane at any cost (we once landed in a cross wind that I think was over what the plane could take). We all know how we behave when we’re in a new job. Look at the young police officers, border agents, etc. They tend to overdo it and over-prove themselves. Plus add the psychological factor: we made it this far, screw it, we’re landing… And then you get into tunnel vision (which lead to many crashes). We all do it on long drives, we know we’re tired but there’s only that one hour left to drive, we’re not going to stop for a break now… Right… Bravo! I tell you, it takes more guts to turn a plane around and pay the consequences than to “try ” to land it in bad weather.