10 Strangest Airline Stories of 2008

It’s time again for the OTR’s nearly annual 10 Strangest Airline Stories of 2008. While we don’t have anything as good as my all-time favorite (Farts Lead to Flight Diversion), there are some gems. With that, here we go:

10) A Nevada brothel offers to reimburse American Airlines’ $15 checked bag fee for visiting customers.

9) Parents forget their 3-year old in a Tel Aviv airport while traveling to Paris.

8) Woman sues American Airlines after she finds passenger seated next to her playing with himself during a flight.

7) Passenger stopped after carrying brother’s skeleton through airport security.

6) Mushroom soup causes Ryanair to divert flight.

5) Pilot fired for letting 15 year old fly a 737 while pilot went to the bathroom.

4) Man calls in bomb threat to delay plane that he is about to miss.

3) Jerry Lewis brings gun through airport security in Las Vegas.

2) First class passenger, angry that coach customers are departing plane before him, launches emergency chute and slides down.

And the Top Strangest Airline Story of 2008:

1) Flight attendant lights plane on fire to avoid having to work a flight to Saskatoon.


  1. This is too much. And what is so scary is that as a frequent flier, I can believe every single one of these things.

  2. Coincidentally, the same day I read your list, I found a wonderful story of a couple suing United Airlines. The reason? United served the husband alcohol, which then ’caused’ him to beat his wife.



  3. Thanks Jared – you should do this one on the Late Show. Call Letterman and tell him you’ve got a sack of gems.

    Merry Christmas