JetBlue to Launch Service to San Jose, Costa Rica, from Orlando

JetBlue announced that it will launch nonstop service from Orlando to San Jose, Costa Rica, on March 26th, with fares starting at $99 each way.

JetBlue has built a focus city in Orlando, with nonstop service to 22 cities, with a growing number of cities in Latin America, including Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Cancun; Bogota, Colombia; and 3 cities in Puerto Rico.

Wait…that sorta sounds familiar…Florida hub with cheap flights to Latin America…oh right, yes, Spirit Airlines. Apparently their similar strategy out of Fort Lauderdale isn’t crazy (well, it’s a similar strategy, but not exactly the same. Orlando is a leisure destination in large part, while Spirit seems to focus its operation on the VFR – visiting friends and relatives – crowd out of South Florida).

In any case, the diversification from their original JFK-based strategy is smart, and there are lots more cities where they can reach with A320s from Orlando. Look for additional focus there in 2009.

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