Delta: We’re Going to Shrink 8-10% Domestically in 2009

Delta has added a bit more detail to the capacity cuts coming next year: an 8-10% domestic cut, and 3-5% international cut, leaving the airline with 20% less capacity than in 2007. That is a huge, huge change. Granted, some of that change will come from using smaller aircraft, rather than cutting routes. But as I’ve mentioned here before, at some point if you cut out too much domestic capacity, you don’t have enough feeder traffic to feed your large international network, and that becomes a problem. I don’t know that we’re there yet, but it’s something to look for.

Even Southwest isn’t immune, as they also just said that after a miserable November, they’ll cut about 4-5% of their seats out of their system in January. With only 1 aircraft type, they’ll be eliminating routes.


  1. BA said it was down 10% in October. capacity cuts are great; but they are going to have to cut some fares as well.