A Word of Thanks: A Spirit Airlines Review

As we head into Thanksgiving, I thought I would share a kind word about Spirit Airlines.  Spirit is the most maligned US carrier, with people frequently complaining about their service, their gruff CEO, their lack of customer care, their baggage fees, their planes, their routes, their this, their that.  Boo hoo, I say.

I flew Spirit 2 days ago (a $21 ticket in their “Big Front Seat” section), and let me say this: Spirit puts out a perfectly fine product.  The Big Front Seat is a bargain in most cases (and oddly enough, is sometimes cheaper than their coach product).  Roughly the width and pitch of domestic business class on every other airline, it’s cheaper than just about every other airline – a round trip ticket from New York to Ft. Lauderdale will set you back about $500.  Continental charges about $900 for roughly the same thing.  No, you won’t get food on the flight.  But I’ve never understood why people whined incessantly when there was food, and now complain when there isn’t.

Three times a week they offer ridiculous sale fares, with flights frequently around $50 round trip.  Yes, availability is limited (what do you expect for $50?), but I check all the time and I almost always manage to find those cheap fares available.  Sure, you have to pay $3 for water.  Big deal, considering it cost you more to take a taxi to the airport than it did to fly to Nassau.

When I flew Ryanair I found the same situation:  people’s complaints never ended, but the reality was this:  it was 95% the same as every other flight I’ve ever taken.  Except it was about 1/10th the price, and I had to buy a soda.

Spirit flies new planes to a bunch of warm weather destinations for very little money (if you catch a sale).  I think it’s time we all stopped complaining about it and take a moment at Thanksgiving to be thankful that I can fly from Detroit to Los Angeles for $29.  Save your complaining for every other airline that charges $279 for that route and makes you pay for your meal.


  1. I flew Spirit Airline this past week. I paid to check 3 baggages andonly one made it. At the destination they could not give me a reasonas to why my luggage was left behind. I filed a report. They saidthey’d call me back with information and never did. I had to storminto their office in Managua to find out what they hell the problemwas. Mind you they told me my luggage would come on Tuesday at 1am. Igot there Friday the week before and was leaving Monday the day beforemy luggage would be there. I didn’t check any baggage on the way backbecause I had none to check in. I asked for them to send the luggageon another carrier that I would pay for it because it was things thatwere going to an orphanage and they refused to. I call customerservice and they tell me something totally different from what i wastold at the airport. This people are the worst airline, the worstcustomer service and they hire the most incompetent people. Theydon’t want to refund my money for the luggage that did not make itand they don’t consider the fact that I am a spirit member.Any otherairline would have given you a voucher for something. NEVER WILL ITRAVEL ON THAT AIRLINE!!! I rather pay double or triple the pricethan to deal with this non sense.

  2. I also fly spirit alot and cant complain about the price .
    They did once loose my luggage but I was explained at the fort lauderdale airport by a ticket agent named Thomas Russo what the problem is.
    When you give them your bag, it goes from them to the US govt tsa screening center where they check bags for many airlines at the same time and then send it back to them.
    There are alot of things that can happen at that point. Im sure that if spirit handle it directly ,they would be to blame.

  3. Hello Jared Blanc,
    You must be smoking Banana peels! I dare you to fly Spirit once more and be honest, tell the truth, SPIRIT SUCKS!

  4. It’s worth it to pay more to get on another carrier. They will do nothing for you at all if you ask. They will look to take your money at every possible opportunity – even when it costs them nothing – even when they would be saving money. We wanted to delete the 2nd half of our trip on a connection flight, but they wanted $2330 because it was a change. It didn’t matter that they would end up with 4 more RT seats to sell to someone else.

  5. Spirit Air lacked Christmas Spirit!

    I can’t believe they did this, but three of my children were not allowed to board our flight to December 19th, 2009. I had to leave three family members at Gate D11 while we flew to what seemed a disastrous vacation. My Christmas present for my family of 8 was a Dream Vacation on the new Carnival Dream Ship out of Port Canaveral. I paid over $3,600 for eight seats on Spirit air flight 801 for 9am out of . We paid another $50 to reserve five seats the night before for my two daughters, my wife and her mom to sit with me. My Cruise was another $8,600 on the new Carnival Dream ship.
    Spirit Air overbooked our Christmas Flight and bumped 3 of our 8 family members.
    It began at 5am with the family getting ready to leave for the airport. We live in and were surprised with a huge line up for Port Huron Customs at the . Slushy roads on Hwy 94 caused more stress. We arrived at Spirit Air Ticket counter at 8:10 am for a 9:00 am flight to find a massive line in front of the Spirit counter. My son immediately approached a Spirit employee at the counter and expressed our concern that the large line up would cause us to miss our flight. We were told by the Spirit airline employee that the line was moving quickly and that there shouldn’t be a problem
    However, when we finally made it to the front of the line at 8:25am, we were told that four of our seats were no longer available due to overbooking. The Spirit employee radioed to the boarding gate to request any passengers to volunteers to wait for the 4pm flight. Off we go to the security check with my wife’s 80 year old mother in a wheel chair. She had a double hip replacement. The pins in her hips set off the alarms and detains us.
    My eldest daughter was the first to make it to the boarding gate at 8:35am, and told the Spirit employee at the boarding gate that the rest of the seven family members were just around the corner, as my mother-in-law was in a wheel chair, and due to her metal pins in her hip replacements, we were slightly delayed in approaching the gate. The Spirit employee at Gate D11 told my daughter that the rest of the family had to be in her presence in order to accommodate them, and with that she called up another woman and her 3 grown children who were the only ones left seated in the boarding area. My eldest daughter watched in disbelief as this Spirit employee told the woman that she and her three children, who were on standby, could get on this flight and proceeded to board them. The rest of my family arrived in time to see the people who were just given our seats walk towards the loading area.
    The Spirit employee told me that she now only had seats for all but three family members. We were devastated. Our family was told to decide who would stay and who would continue on to . She unsympathetically hurried us into a hasty division with no time for good byes, and left us with no offer of assistance or alternative options. There was not a speck of concern, care, or customer service extended by this Spirit employee. My eldest daughter, my son, and my son-in-law were left to find another way to get to before our cruise departed at 4pm from Port Canaveral that afternoon. The rest of the family was left on the Spirit flight to worry and wonder what the outcome of their search would be, and whether we would end up all together on our dream Christmas vacation.
    After a frenzied search at various ticketing counters (with no help at all from Spirit airlines), and through numerous phone calls for any availability on any airline to , my children were fortunate enough to find the last three seats on a Delta flight. However, these flights, the numerous phone calls to Spirit and Carnival cruise lines, and their newly required transportation to Port Canaveral- minus the rest of their family- came at a huge cost financially and emotionally. A cost that is the direct result of an oversight and lack of sound judgement on the part of a few Spirit Airline employees.
    The 3 one way Delta tickets to ($1637.56), alternative ground transportation arrangements from to Port Canaveral ($90 ), and the phone charges acquired due to their search for flights and questions for Spirit( $156.00) totalled $ 1883.56. Thankfully upon returning to at 4:05pm on Dec 26. a Supervisor at Spirit airlines refunded us the cost of three Sprit flights ($1379.60). Upon hearing of our stressful situation and the trauma that was caused due to the unprofessional actions of a Spirit employee on Dec. 19, the supervisor strongly encouraged me to inform of the lack of courtesy and customer service that we received at the start of our journey. At this time I am requesting that reimburses me for the outstanding bills that I have incurred through this horrendous experience, which is $503.96 US.

  6. Dewey Houston

    :sad: i few spirit airlines, on monday, june 11,2012,to FT lauderdale FL. the flight their,was very congested, iam a disable person,i ask for a beter, vacant sit, the flihgt person, said i couldnt have it, i explain, my knees are hitting the back of the seat in front of me,their was no simporty, i walk with a cane, when i flew back, to Chicago il., the flight change twice, from 4:35, to leave, fl. to 6:30 pm. to leave, to fly to chicago il. i sit in my wheel chair over 3 hrs,waiting, just to board my flight,i also paid $ 200.00 dollars for 3 bags of luggages ,i also paid for a $ 9.00 discount memeber ship for 59.96,and the dicount didnt save me any money, when it came to my luggage. i want the Federal Aviation Commission to invesigate, this airline,because its is just wrong, for this airline, to get away, with ripping off its customers, where can i file a Law suite? they even charge me $ 67.96) for carried charges, whats carried charge?

  7. Spirit is ran by the devil himself they can care less about there customers being stuck they will fly u there but good luck getting back if your flight gets canceled your next flight home can be 5 to 30 days later n all they do is lie lie lie I had no place to stay had to sleep in the airport for five days nothing to eat no money n had to wait five days to get home all due to a little thunderstorm that last an hour …then had to pay double the price that it cost me for my original flight to get home five days later.. its not worth saving that $100 because in the long run with spirit I could of flew first class with another airline DO NOT USE SPIRIT AIRLINES TRUST ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!