US Airways Puts Elderly Tampa Passenger on Flight to Puerto Rico

An elderly passenger flying back from visiting an assisted living home in upstate New York did not get the living assistance she needed after a US Ariways flight attendant put her on a flight to San Juan. Which would’ve been fine, but she lives in Tampa. US Airways can’t explain exactly how that happened, but they put the woman up in a hotel and flew her first class back to Tampa.


  1. While these stories are embarrassing screw-ups, isn’t it a bit amazing that it doesn’t happen more often (or at least we don’t hear about it more often!). Isn’t it something like 1.5 million pax a day on US carriers? With those kind of numbers, you’d think a senior or a kid would be lost every day!

    Yet it’s “news” when one gets on the wrong plane.

  2. It’s a good point – though with increased security, that may be helping keep people on the right planes.