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Quick Follow up on Delta’s Pittsburgh/Raleigh Paris Announcement

A quick note about last week’s announcement from Delta that it will add nonstops from Pittsburgh and Raleigh to Paris:

Northwest has just announced that it is suspending flights from Detroit to Paris (as well as Seattle – Heathrow and Detroit – Osaka) beginning in January.  Perhaps someone can explain how Detroit to Paris doesn’t work despite being a huge hub in the same region as Pittsburgh, but Pittsburgh to Paris will work without any feed.  Thoughts?

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  1. AF still has their flight. The joint venture essentially has NW/DL making money off of AF metal.

  2. I agree, these routes seem like longshots. The PIT flight in particular. Logic would suggest that any halfway decent hub-to-Europe flight would work better than a non-hub to Europe flight. I guess there’s hope that AF will provide feed in Paris, but still.