United Flight Attendants Duct Tape Unruly Passenger

Flight attendants duct taped an unruly passenger on a United flight from San Juan to Chicago yesterday, forcing the flight to divert to Charlotte, where the woman was arrested.  The passenger, who apparently had been drinking quite a bit before the flight, hit a flight attendant and repeatedly pulled the hair of the person sitting in front of her.  She was initially restrained with ankle cuffs, but those wouldn’t stay on, so the crew used duct tape (effective for so many uses!) to keep her in place.


  1. What does duct tape NOT do?

  2. Duct tape is like “THE FORCE”, it binds the universe together

  3. I hear Irish no-frills carrier Ryanair got inspired by this and is now introducing a premium duct tape class. Overprized beverages are supposedly served with a straw and first reports claim comfort is ‘signifificantly improved’ over the regular Ryanair seats.