Will Ryanair Fly Cheap Flights Across the Atlantic?

Ryanair announced that it will launch cheap flights across the Atlantic in the next 12 months if it can find the right aircraft cheap enough.  CEO Michael O’Leary said that they would subsidize their $13 coach fares with $1,500 business class fares on flights from Dublin and Stansted to airports near New York, Denver and Los Angeles.

However, this would only be able to launch if they can get aircraft cheap enough, and O’Leary says they need about 50 or so to make the operation work.  Ryanair’s 737s won’t make it across the Atlantic nonstop, so the 757 would make the most sense.  But (as we learned at Eos) there aren’t 50 757s floating around.  And the 757 can’t reach LA from Europe (or Denver for that matter).  So then you’re looking at a 767 (or A330), and from what we saw, good luck making money using that plane over the Atlantic (there’s a reason why Continental primarily uses 757 on those trans-Atlantic routes).  I’d say there’s a slim chance this ever gets off the ground, as the costs won’t make it possible.


  1. “We’ve eliminated the landing gear and are passing the savings on to you.”

  2. nice to see an aero company expanding and not folding for a change.

  3. I wouldn’t call this an announcement; the co. later officially downplayed the comment. Basically the same thing MOL has been saying for months now, conveniently timed — some would say — to overshadow Ryanair’s latest earnings release. Having said that, I do think this is real and I would never, ever bet against MOL. Should be interesting.

  4. This is just another story to get Ryanair in the news papers. I would say a better option would be a service to some of the main Turkish destinations. Also if Greece drops out of the Euro, could be some openings in that direction also.