TSA Screener Steals CNN Camera at Airport, Sells on eBay, Gets Caught

(Thanks, Airliners…)

A TSA screener at Newark Airport was accused of stealing more than 100 items from passengers’ luggage at the airport and selling some of it on eBay (you can see his great feedback here).  He was caught when he stole a nearly $50,000 camera belonging to CNN and in a very, very bold move, tried to sell it on Ebay.  Clever.  Bail is set at $100,000 (though he’s apparently on paid leave.  Your tax dollars at work.)


  1. What a way to build a successful ebay business. I guess his acquisition costs were low. :) And I love the fellow who rated him an “Excellent and honest EBayer.”

    Kinda wonder how you could single-handedly steal 100 pieces of electronic equipment at an airport without anyone noticing. He must have had a lot of “alone time.” And I guess no one zeroed in on the pattern of theft.

    Always said when the people who are supposed to be protecting you are the ones stealing you blind.