Yet Another Turbulence Story: 30 Injured on Qantas Flight

A Qantas flight from Singapore to Perth was diverted to a remote Western Australia airport after the A330 encountered serious turbulence.  30 passengers were injured, including 15 with broken bones when the flight plunged after hitting rough air.  As I say each time (and you should be sick of it by now), keep your seatbelts fastened when your in your seat.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ll go further and suggest that anyone who fails to buckle their belt whilst seated, and subsequently becomes injured as a result of this failure should have to pay all their own medical expenses if it was found not to be out of the airlines control.

    Seriously, you get on a plane and you know the risks – if you fail to mitigate against those risks then suffer the consequences.

    Excuse me, I think these comments might see me barbecued.