Delta to Offer First Class on Shuttle Flights

Delta will create a first class cabin on its Shuttle flights between Boston, New York and Washington, DC, beginning in December (US Airways’ shuttle already has a first class cabin.)  The flights will also feature in-flight broadband once that service is rolled out.  While Delta would obviously not introduce first class service if they didn’t think it made economic sense, it’s difficult to understand why someone would actually pay the $679 one-way fare on the 30 minute flight (yes, I know, most people have corporate discounts on the Shuttle).  Plus, you should just take the Acela – there is no better non-private travel experience in the US.


  1. I could see this if the goal was to reward frequent fliers with upgrades, but airlines don’t usually care nowadays… Maybe they’re selling a lot of first class tickets originating in Boston or DC and then flying out of NY? But for a quick trip up or down the East coast, the Amtrak Acela recommendation can’t be beat. I’ve never flown from Boston to Newark without at least a two hour delay, which usually makes a 3.5 hour train ride faster than a 50 minute flight + security + delays (not to mention more civilized).

  2. I suspect it planing for a flood of wall Street bankers invading Washington.