Continental Closes Houston Hub for Hurricane Until Sunday Morning

The impending arrival of Hurricane Ike has caused Continental to close its Houston hub operation until Sunday morning.  Some flights will also be canceled on Sunday, so check with the airline if you have travel on Sunday on Continental.  You can make a one-time change for free or, if your flight has been canceled, get a refund from the airline.  To avoid what must be ridiculous numbers of calls to the 800#, you can manage your flights online.

Longtime reader IAH-PHX can tell us the last time he remembers Continental closing down Houston for a storm – I don’t remember it ever happening…


  1. Well, if my memory is right, the last time the IAH hub was closed in advance was for Hurricane Rita. Indeed, that storm convinced the airline they needed a better back-up ops center. And quite a center they got — it’s a converted state-of-the-art Cold War bomb shelter! I believe they’re running the airline out of there this weekend.

  2. Stupidly, I was calling the rez line on Friday night trying to get a fare for Saturday morning. I couldn’t figure out why the line wouldn’t ring and instead got a cryptic message “not accepting calls” from the phone company. Yes, I am stupid for not understanding that IAH was shutting down, but I do wish they a better automated answer. When I finally called the OnePass service center, I got a message about “unexpected call volume” and finally put two and two together. And, yes, when I finally booked the ticket on it took about five minutes of poking around to see the IAH notice.