Continental Announces OnePass Changes: Guess What, You Won’t Like Them (Unless You Like Paying to Check Your First Bag)

Continental became just another airline today when they announced that non-Elite members will be paying $15 to check their first bag.  Don’t worry, Elite members, you’ll also be pissed off when you hear that they’re eliminating the 500-mile minimum and have reduced Platinum mileage bonus from 125% to 100%, plus they’re lowering the Silver bonus from 50% to 25%.

I guess what’s really disappointing is that I think most Continental frequent flyers consider CO to be different from the other airlines, that somehow they’ve made an effort to make flying as comfortable as possible given the circumstances.  Now?  They’re basically like everyone else, except their legroom is worse.


  1. I have long described CO as the “least bad.” This does nothing to change that. All the other airlines hiked prices (by way of a bag charge); CO had to follow.

    The FF changes are irksome, but I gave up on airline miles a long time ago for anything other than upgrades, and I’ve even come to accept that you usually can’t get any of those either.

  2. I fully expected the American plan to charge for checked bags to fail as people stuffed too much into carry-on luggage. So far it hasn’t collapsed. Sigh.

  3. Ouch! That stung ~~