Passenger Detained by Police After Filming During JetBlue Flight

(Via WSJ and Christopher Elliott)

On odd one:  A woman who filmed an altercation between two other passengers during a JetBlue flight to Las Vegas was hauled off the plane in handcuffs when they arrived.  It’s a long story (you can read it via the link), but in short, a passenger heard an argument breaking out among two other passengers, she filmed in on her video camera; for some reason JetBlue’s flight attendants kinda freaked about it and told her she had to delete the video.  She refused.  They told her that the captain demanded she delete the video (they were lying), and she refused.  She was handcuffed by police when she got to Vegas and, after she was roughed up a bit, released.  I’ll file this under I’m-Guessing-We-Don’t-Exactly-Know-the-Whole-Story.


  1. Jared you have a typo in the first line. I’m sure you wanted to say filmed and not filed.

  2. Fixed…thanks for the heads up.