Breaking News: Victoria Osteen Found Not Guilty

I have no idea why I care at all about Joel Osteen’s wife being sued by a Continental flight attendant but, in good news for her, me, and you readers, Victoria Osteen was found not guilty, so you’ll never have to hear about this nonsense again (I know, this is probably the 3rd or 4th time I’ve written about this.  I apologize.  Really, I do).


  1. I understand.

    The world would have been a much, much scarier place if it had gone the other way.

    Thanks for the blog…we’re fans here at AeroChannel!

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  2. Full of Faith Too

    Please reference comments on this website under Category: Continental Airlines, Joel Osteen’s Wife Sued by Flight Attendant. In particular, my comments dated 8/16/08. Thank you for your time and interest.