Joel Osteen’s Wife Sued by Continental Flight Attendant

A follow up on one of my favorite stories from 2005:

You may remember that preacher Joel Osteen’s wife was involved in some sort of altercation with a Continental flight attendant prior to takeoff on a flight from Houston to Vail.  Mrs. Osteen found liquid on her first class seat, asked the flight attendant to clean it up, fight ensued, blah blah blah.

Now the flight attendant is suing because the incident gave her hemmeroids.  Really.


  1. Since one can rightfully expect that a preacher and family would at least live by example, by what the gospel stands for and Jesus preaches, how come this brood was in First Class first of all? Eh? Spending all those donations by the poor on folly?

  2. Sharon Brown is always looking for confrontations.WATCH OUT!!!!This story is so fabricated,its all about $$$$$$.

  3. That woman is after God’s tithe, (the 10%). There is no doubt in my mind that God will protect not only Victoria but also His tithe. I can only pray that the women suing will repent and receive forgiveness when Victoria is found not guilty.

  4. I can’t believe it. Hemorroids? Who the in the hell doesn’t have to push a bit? Hit in the elbow? Give me a break, the planes are so tight people run into each other, no way to go around this. It seems to me that Ms. Brown is simply an low paid opportunist looking for the big break. What the Olsteen’s lawyers should do is look for ALL complaints and lawsuits brought forth from Ms. Brown for similiar allegations. Look for all motives. I hope and certainly believe the Olsteens would win this case and then turn around and countersuit this ridiculous opportunist. This country is ruined due to people like this and the lawyers who take this case. I wish that I could sue every flight attendant who has had a bad attitude and rubbed me the wrong way. Could you imagine! This is foolish Ms. Brown, get another job, perhaps in a damn factory with no customer interactions because when you deal with the public you are going to have issues. As for the 1st class seat, heck, if I am paying the premium, I expect a clean seat and exceptional service!

  5. The flight attendant, Sharon Brown, who launched the false law suit against Mrs. Osteen to get money she doesn’t deserve, says the incident ruined her life. However, now that she has been exposed as a fraud, it would be poetic justice if as a result of her greed and dishonesty, she gets her life ruined now. She should be prosecuted, and sent to jail for making this false claim.

  6. Ms. Brown should be made to pay for all the fees of court and lawyers that Mrs. Olsteen had to get as a result of the mess, and I do mean mess. If she was serving the same God that the Olsteens serve, she could have the same things that they have. Get a life Ms. Brown and by all means get Jesus.

  7. Full of Faith Too

    1.) The FAA does not fine without just cause. Many situations arise and are resolved without fines levied.
    2.) Joel led congregation to believe at his church service 8/10/08 that Ms. Brown sought 10% of his net worth. He mentioned, that when he first took the church over they had 1 to 2 million, and now have 80 million which would lead some to believe Ms. Brown sought 8 million. Later in the week it was disclosed Brown sought a little over $400,000.
    3.) The year this occurred many pastors around the country were under fire for leaving their churchs during Christmas and pursuing family vacations instead. Traditionally, Christmas and Easter are the most important services of the year and the Osteens left. Joels mother was very upset over all of the events.
    4.) Think about it. It’s come out, it was just a bit of undisputed water about the size of a dollar coin and Victoria allowed that to disrupt her entire family and vacation? I think there’s more going on here.
    5.) The defense chose to DISCREDIT Ms. Brown and the only eye witness, that being the other “white” flight attendant. The alleged assault occurred in the galley area near the lavoratory door and cockpit entry door. How could pilots and other passengers possibly view what went on. The pilots are facing forward and the passenger view is obstructed and limited by seats and the bulkhead wall. The fact that the “white” flight attendant came forward was very strong on Ms. Browns side. I wonder if Ms. Brown’s attorney wasn’t paid off or something. Time will tell.

  8. we as christians should be an example and the more God gives he expects more from u so we just need to love and forgive God bless victoria keep your eyes on the prize the crown of rightousness take care

  9. There is only one judge. The world has so many problems in it without a squable taking so much attention. Lets fight for homeless/battered children. So much suffering in this world because no one can find forgiveness just more hate and pointing the finger at others instead of looking at ourselves.God loves u too ms brown go to him for all your needs he wont disapoint u God bless