Delta Passengers Stranded on Plane for 7 Hours

You probably thought the days of 7-hour onboard delays were over.  You were thinking wrong.  Passengers were stranded on a Delta flight from Las Vegas to JFK on Sunday for about 6 hours when the captain told them that they would not be taking off that day.  It then took another hour to get everyone back to the gate (where they could gamble – finally!).  While on board, they were offered no food, though at the end each person was given half a cup of warm water or soda.  Their choice.  Delta’s response?  Basically, quit bitching, it was really only 5 hours.

It could’ve been worse:  passengers on a delayed China Southern flight in Kunming completely lost it after their flight was delayed.  The frusrated group smashed computers, desks and chairs in the terminal before police arrived to calm down the situation.

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