Spirit Ends Ridiculous “Web Convenience Fee”

(Thanks, UpgradeTravelBetter)

I’d like to think it’s thanks to the uproar from consumers (though I’m sure it’s not), Spirit ended its ridiculous $10 “web convenience fee” – essentially a fee for buying a ticket.  Whew.


  1. Thank god. Good for them. Good for us. I hope they fired the “genious” that came up with that idea. I bet that person has a lot of other “great” ideas like that to drive the company’s goodwill/image/trust to the ground and hurt the industry as a whole (through shear customer confusion).

    I still think they “dinged” their reputation, I’m not sure they’re not about to come up with some other ridiculous idea. They need to fix whatever problem they’re really trying to fix. Like I always say, tell everyone the truth (i.e. “we’re hurting, gaz prices are high, we need to raise the prices a little for a couple of weeks until this gets better).

    Does anyone know if there is a rule that makes it hard to raise ticket prices for an airline?? If so, then that’s what the industry needs to focus on. Forget the marketing “genious” and market/tell us how cheaper it is to fly than to drive, tell us what the fuel efficiency is on a plane. For example, flying Allegiant to Florida actually cost us less than if we drove there. Not counting the saved time, etc. These guys need to “sell us” the convenience of air travel and that it still a great way to travel even if gaz prices are higher… They should stop trying to treat us like “lemons” ready to be squeezed.

    Isn’t there any common sense in this world anymore? They can’t ask themselves “how would I want to be treated/informed”?

    But that was a quick turn around. Higher management either was not aware and killed it (bad communication in the company?) or they did hear about the impending backlash. Either way, I would put out a press release explaining what happened and which heads rolled, how this was a bad idea and how they would not stand by crap like that. That would really put the issue to rest. That’s how I would run that company anyway…


  2. The rule that makes it hard to raise ticket prices for an airline is the expansion of ridiculous airlines offering 9 dollar fares when that will not cover even the transportation of your bag to the plane. We as consumers are driving the ridiculous ideas too when a small airline like Spirit wants to keep their business model image of ultra low cost carrier, when in reality, that is not working anymore unless you have deep pockets that can pay fuel hedges. Let’s stop complaining about marketing communication and start reviewing our purchase behavior. Granted, everyone wants a cheap deal, but lets face it. Spirit prices are of concern.