Northwest Introduces Baggage Fees, Frequent Flyer Redemption Fees

Northwest became the latest airline to introduce new fees:  Just as with other airlines, it’ll cost you $15 to check your first bag.  More annoyingly, they’ve introduced a “fuel-surcharge” for frequent flyer tickets (details here) – basically $25 for US flights, $50 for trans-Atlantic, and $100 for trans-Pacific.  Oh, and they’ve upped their telephone ticketing fee to $25.


  1. Northwest is just the latest. Ryanair and others have long unbundled ticket prices and extra charges. The writing is on the wall but don’t despair. You can “lighten up” in ways that give you benefits instead of fits. Lightweight travel is safer and easier than carrying a heavy load of things you don’t need.

    In four decades of advising people what to pack, the common thread is that they aren’t sure what to take, so they take too much. My husband and I have been traveling overseas on long trips since 1971. We take only carry-on bags that each weigh 15 to 17 pounds full and we dress well. People kept asking how we did it so I published two books (see my dot com) that show how.