Dogs, Birds Hit at Ahmedabad Airport in India

(from the Tripmela blog):

2 nights ago heavy rains apparently drove all manner of bird and beast onto the runway at Ahmedabad’s airport in India, causing delays after aircraft hit 12 birds and a dog. An Emirates flight on the way to Dubai hit a dog while taking off, though it continued its takeoff roll without further incident. However, the Qatar Airways plane that was to take off next was delayed for 30 minutes because the pilot refused to take off with the carcass still on the runway. Since it was 5 o’clock in the morning, the dead dog patrol had not yet clocked in.

Several aircraft also hit birds on the same day, causing at least one flight to make an emergency landing.


  1. This has been going on in India for a little while now this year. At least it was a dog and not jackals on the runway this time. The runways don’t flood, so the animals seek refuge. Can’t say I blame them, except for the bit about the big airplanes that can kill them.