One Quick Nice Thing to Say about Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines has been widely reviled online (see the comments here, for example) for providing less-than-stellar customer service.  Let’s move past that for a moment.  My father had a problem booking a ticket and, as the commenters above noted, calling the call center apparently wasn’t an option (as they don’t seem to pick up the phone).

So, I did what you guys should do when you have an airline problem – I visited Chris Elliott’s great customer service pages where he lists email and phone contacts for individuals at most of the airlines.  In this case we contacted a customer service manager listed named Heather Harvey (Heather.Harvey (at)  She could not have been more helpful, calling us back and resolving our issue within hours.  Well done.

That they don’t answer their customer service number is pretty much inexcusable, but now you have a way to actually get your Spirit Airlines problems resolved.  Then again, when you’ve paid $9 for a ticket, maybe you shouldn’t expect anything.  Or Spirit should do what a couple of European airlines do and just charge people to speak to customer service, so at least their costs are covered.

Just thought I’d pass along a nice word (for a change) about Spirit…

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