Delta Baggage Fee Refund for Some Passengers

Delta implemented a $25 second-checked-bag fee on April 9th for flights after May 5th (you had to pay the fee regardless of whether you had already purchased a ticket for those dates prior to the announcement).  Well, it turns out they can’t do that.

If you purchased a ticket on Delta prior to April 9th, and you had to pay a baggage fee for your flight after May 5th, you are entitled to a refund (details here).


  1. I applied to Delta for this refund because I purchased my ticket on Jan 16, flew on May 8, and did have to pay the $25 “extra” baggage fee. They sent me a letter refusing to give it to me.

  2. I purchase my ticket on Feb.27,2008 for june 27,2008
    Ipaid$25.00 ea. for 1 baggage going and 1 baggage
    coming Iintitle to the $50.00 refund.
    because i applied on line on July 22,2008.
    flight# dijbgx/dl

    contact# 310 970-5475
    please respond.
    Wanda Marshall

  3. In Sept 04, ’09 my son Sean Fredrickson fly PDX to Savannah, GA. psgr ticket #’s 01275410979: 3, baggage passenger receipt #’s 0066. I pay $20.00 (thru my debit card) his cary on baggage (small backpack) not knowing about cary on baggage, i.e. new airlines regulation, i though i have to pay for it. i feel doubt, so what i did i asked the ticketing person (it’s a guy) why the cary on baggage has charges NOW? And the ticketing person said; NO, YOU DON’T HAVE TO, then i said i already did, then the ticketing person told me, ok let me put it back to your debit card, and he marks down my reciept VOID, and told me just like never got charge but, he lied, because when i get home i check my bank acct. it was charge, Please i need my $20.00 refund. If any information needed i’ll be happy to fax the reciept to you. i hope you will solve this issue ASAP. Honesty! is the sign of Good business!!!


    Carmelita Fredrickson
    contact #’s 503-779-4679 and my e-mail address: