It’s Shrinkin’ Tuesday!

Just a quick update on what all the airlines said today about shrinking their schedules:

– Virgin America will cut 10% of its capacity in the fall, but will not eliminate any planes or jobs.  Most cuts will come by reducing midweek frequencies.  Oddly enough, they’ll also be increasing their west coast flying and launching JFK-Las Vegas which, if I had to guess, will be eliminated soon enough.

– Northwest said that it will see capacity cuts in the 9.5% range this fall and will likely introduce new fees.  No further details were released.

– And, incredibly, WestJet (unlike main competitor Air Canada) will keep capacity where it is for the end of 2008 and not eliminate any routes, frequencies or jobs.   WestJet has done something interesting where during the winter they shift a bunch of their planes out of the frigid north and onto routes to sunny locales.  Clever.

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