Philadelphia’s Derrie-Air: Pay by the Pound (ha ha)

Residents of Philadelphia woke up Friday morning to see advertisements in their newspapers about the launch of Derrie-Air, where your airfare is determined by how much you weigh ($1.40/lb to fly to Chicago).  Confused/horrified residents who clicked on the ad were sent to the airline’s website which, on the very bottom, mentions that it was all a hoax designed to show how effective online advertising can be.  Well done.


  1. This could be the best weight loss program ever! I can see it now:

    Person A -Ya, Bob is trying to lose 25 pounds so we can afford that trip to Hawaii next year.

    Person B -Really? Does it make that much of a difference?

    Person A -Sure does. At $5.00 a pound, we’ll save over a hundred bucks! And as for me, I’m watching everything I eat and exercise almost daily. In fact, I bike to work twice a week and save money on gas to boot!

  2. I love these 2 fat articles you posted. Is the Philadelphia article an actual hoax or lobbyists for the airline industry doing market research. Anything for an xx-tra buck these days.. ^^

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