Indian Court: Air India Can Fire Fat Flight Attendants

A court in India has ruled that Air India has the right to fire flight attendants it considers to be overweight.  The court agreed with the airline that overweight staff members posed a safety risk.  To show how progressive they were, the court also added that a woman’s physical appearance plays an important part in her overall personality.  Remember, ladies, it’s how you look on the outside that counts.

Air India has also told prospective applicants that they should not have acne or bad teeth.

(Thanks Tripmela blog)


  1. THIS IS DISGUSTING!! Within society today, how can people get away with these attitudes? Who is this airline to tell someone that they are overweight, when there will indefinetely be someone in their boardroom that will be overweight and totally over paid!!!
    Take a good look at yourselves before you start judging other people, you hypocrites!