Continental Million Miler Program

Continental is rolling out an interesting program called Million Miler for long-time frequent flyers: if you’ve flown 1 million miles with the airline they will grant you and a companion lifetime Silver Elite status. 2 million miles gets you Gold; 4 million gets Platinum. Sure, 1 million flown miles is a ton of miles. But if you’ve flown that much, it’s great to be rewarded, and it’s also really nice to see an airline think of a way to build loyalty as a way to increasing revenues (rather than slapping on additional fees, which I’m sure are coming regardless).

In any case, nice job Continental.

(A number of people have written to me noting that Delta has a similar program.  Noted.)


  1. Biased again. Delta had it looooong time ago. The million miler program has been in place since the early “we love to fly and it shows” slogan. Now in the internet era you can check their rules at

    Great copying Continental… arrived a little late though on such recognition…

  2. Not just Delta. Northwest, American, United, etc have million miler programs. It’s not a novel concept. Continental finally gave in as part of an “alignment” of freq flyer Elite offerings between Northwest, Delta, and Continental.

  3. Its important to note that Continental’s million miler program goes a step further — it grants complimentary elite status to a million miler’s partner/husband/wife as well.

    So if you’re a member who has 1 Million Miles, you’re guaranteed lifetime Silver status AND your partner is guaranteed lifetime Silver status (although you can change the partner designation at any time).

    and the bonus is that your partner enjoys whatever status you have free of charge. So if you’re a Platinum Elite with 1 Million miles in continental, your spouse/partner will be a Platinum elite too.