10-Day Vacation to China – $899 Including Air

(Via Travelzoo)

We haven’t seen one of these in a looooooong while: smarTours is offering an 8-night/10-day air & hotel package to Beijing and Shanghai for just $899 per person. Yes, that’s crazy. Prices include airfare from San Francisco, hotels, the flight between Beijing & Shanghai, and, perhaps most importantly nowadays, fuel surcharge. Taxes add another $150 or so. There are a handful departure dates available in December, January and February.


  1. Good deal, but a bit cold, no? You’d have to drop that price by nearly half for me to go in the dead of winter.

    FWIW, I’ve heard you actually wind up colder in Shanghai than Beijing in winter because the gov’t doesn’t allow them to use heat in Shanghai (since the climate is warmer, you’re supposed to tough-it-out).