Flight Attendant Lights Fire on Plane Because He Didn’t Want to Go to Saskatoon

A Compass Airlines (Northwest) flight attendant set a fire on a flight he was working because he was upset he had to fly the route.  The 19-year old idiot was not happy about having to fly from Minneapolis to Saskatoon, so he set a small fire in the aircraft, which cause a diversion to Fargo, North Dakota.  There are many, many questions here, but I’m curious — if he was working for a Northwest regional affiliate flying out of Minneapolis, which exotic routes was he hoping to fly?  Thief River Falls?  Minot?


  1. ‘Idiot’ fits the story nicely. Hopefully, his next stop will be Kabul, so he will learn to appreciate places like Saskatoon, and the good life of a flight attendant. Hrrrr…

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