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Family Forgets 2-Year Old at Airport

A family traveling to Winnipeg from Manila mistakenly left their 2-year old at Vancouver airport during a connection.  Each parent thought that the child was with the other parent, and none of the family members noticed that the child was not with any of them when they boarded their flight to Winnipeg (when you read the story it sounds more plausible than what I just wrote).  Air Canada staff found a Tagalog-speaking agent who cared for the boy while the father returned from Winnipeg to pick him up.  All’s well that ends well (I guess?)

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  1. Not possible a 2 year old I have one and he whines too loudly to ever forget him! But it all depends how many other kids they had…if there were >5 kids in the family – I get it, as a parent of 3 trying to fly is rough enough to keep track of anything.

  2. As a parent myself, I would have lost my lunch on the plane, and then probably gotten arrested because of a panic attack once learning my wife or other family member did not have our son or daughter. This story gives me stress just thinking about it.

    Hopefully, the airline industry will fix this no boarding pass for infants loophole, so that the gate agent can catch something like this.