Passenger Arrested for Using Cell Phone on Flight

Some schmuck was arrested on a Southwest flight from Austin to Dallas after he repeatedly refused to turn off his cell phone in flight.  After a flight attendant asked him to get off the phone, he turned to her and said, “Kiss my ass.”  He was cited for disorderly conduct.


  1. This story triggered a lot of blogging in Texas about threats to the airplane navigation system and thus to the safety of the passengers.

    Cell phone use in public can be exceedingly rude, but cell phone use on planes is not an airline safety issue. Cell phone use on planes was originally banned due to interference with cell phone towers on the ground. As a matter of policy, some European and international airlines already allow cell phone use inflight. The FAA is seriously considering allowing cell phones on domestic flights.

    The SWA passenger was rightly cited for failing to follow the law, not to mention his appalling lack of courtesy. However, the passenger’s cell phone use was absolutely never a threat to the airplane navigation system or to the safety of the otherwise suffering passengers.

  2. Cell phone usage is rude and totally out of control. One is made to wait while another finishes their “call.” The air traveler was wrong, ignorant for mouthing off to the flight attendant and deserved whatever punishment he got. Grow up!