A Quick Follow Up on Travelocity

A quick follow-up on my question yesterday about how to handle an issue I had with Travelocity:

I could not be happier with the resolution.  Travelocity responded quickly to my emails to them and re-booked my tickets at the original fare.

I received a number of emails from readers lamenting the poor customer service situation at a number of the online travel agencies.  This is a shame, as they have an opportunity to shine in this area (When Orbitz launched, one of their main differentiators was customer service – that does not appear to be the case any longer.)

Travelocity does offer a guarantee, and from my interactions with them, they take this seriously.  To me, that’s a reason to book with them over an equal-priced competitor.

For more info about how to deal with problems when they arise (including individual contacts at many travel providers and agencies), Chris Elliott has excellent resources over on his website here.


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